Children's Poems



                                                  Windows                                22/12/2014   


Windows, windows, so many windows

Windows on worlds passing by

Windows small windows, windows tall windows.

Windows look out like a spy


Windows see everything, good things and bad

Windows cleaned see so much more

Windows like sentinels stay where they are

Windows see rich lives and poor


Windows in countryside’ windows in towns

Windows near houses and trees

Windows in sunshine will let the light through

Windows obscured in a freeze


Windows see lover’s tiffs, romances blooming

Windows see so many fights

Windows can’t choose what they see in the days

Windows likewise in the nights


Windows are eyes for each home or at work

Windows need help for their viewing

Windows are everywhere watching us all

Windows watch all that were doing


Double Chuffed


Off for a picnic

With sandwiches and pop

We also have cream buns

Bought fresh from the shop


All packed in a basket

Dad said it was wicker

We’re going by car

To get us there quicker


We’ve three sorts of crisps

They are cheese, beef and plain

With golfing umbrellas

In case it should rain


Wool rugs to sit on

Cloth blue and white check

But do we have glasses

Hang on just a sec


Ok we have glasses

Look smoke from a funnel

The ten twenty five train

Steamed into a tunnel


Down by the river

Watched swans and got stuffed

A cracking good picnic

Like train double chuffed