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answer summary for Yash Agrawal


Sport day was written from memories I had of my earliest schooldays. We were taught it was always best to work as a team if we wanted to achieve our true potential. We were matched up with different people in normal lessons, this was to help with character building, it enabled us to meet and converse with everyone in the class. But when it came to sports we always had four teams and we wore a coloured sash, this team was to follow us throughout our schooling and was a measure of the team’s activities. But one thing I remember above all other was that it was the taking part not the winning, and this has always helped me throughout my life in so many different ways. If you don’t take part how will you ever know what is possible.

Kind Regards

D. Threadgold

ps please let me know that you have recieved this and .was it what you required. how are you using sports day for what purpose. Thanks


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  • Peter (Friday, February 12 16 09:33 pm GMT)


  • Yash Agrawal (Sunday, November 15 15 06:59 am GMT)

    I need the summary of your poem sports day

  • Tishi (Tuesday, December 16 14 11:43 am GMT)

    Hello sir.I do not know if i shld ask for but i wanted summary of your poem Sports Day.I am ateacher in India

  • David Hornsby (Wednesday, April 09 14 09:26 pm BST)

    Impressed with your work and your web page

  • David (Friday, May 03 13 06:09 pm BST)

    I enjoyed your site and have book-marked it, as I am definitely coming back. Your Christmas poems were particularly
    very good I thought, giving me pleasant memories. Also your limericks made me chuckle.

    Regards, David.

  • Ananya (Wednesday, January 16 13 09:22 am GMT)

    Dear Mr. Threadgold,

    I tried sending this request from the Contact Page but unfortunately the page is not accepting the information.

    I am writing on behalf of the Oxford University Press India to request your permission in one of our school coursebooks. The poem we would like to use is called Sports Day and we found it on Poem
    Hunter. I would much appreciate your response to my request. Please let me know all the details you'd like me to furnish. I am looking forward to your response.


  • Chloe threadgold (Saturday, November 17 12 06:38 pm GMT)

    I love your poems and limericks they are amazing xxx <3

  • Jason Threadgold (Thursday, November 08 12 08:39 am GMT)

    Happy Birthday, love from us all.