Christmas Poems

                   The Best Christmas       22.12.2014


Christmas is coming young excited eyes

A tree in the parlour with present surprise

The nearer it gets the excitement is growing

Outside in the snow rosy red cheeks are glowing


Letters were sent with a list of request

From children who now are behaving their best

Whatever will come from the man dressed in red?

The eve of a Christmas all tucked up in bed


Now on the morning dark early beginning

Throwing back sheets of the best white starched linen

Racing down staircase now into the hall

Keep down the noise hear a young mother call


She follows her children now sorting the booty

 Closely beside her is their father on duty

Try as they might to bring order and sorting

Timmy has opened a gift with a fort in


Squeals of delight Gilly unwraps a dress

Red trimmed with white fur it’s bound to impress

Soldiers on horseback and next comes a pram

Mother gives up and goes on to boil ham


Out comes a train father takes up the winding

Taking him back to his youth he’s not minding

Laying down track in a figure of eight

Working together as a driver and mate


Mother returns Gilly tugs at some wrapping

Out comes a baby doll cuddled up napping

Into the pram it goes little girls glad

Agreeing with brother, the best Christmas they’d had


The Shopkeepers Christmas Diet


When will the shops close for Christmas?

We’ve been back and forth every day

Remembering the things we’d forgotten

To buy even more on the way


This morning we went out for stuffing

Convinced it would come back alone

But fifty percent off was tempting

So home came a new mobile phone


Don’t get me wrong I like Christmas

With stockings and trimmings and things

Smiles on our young children’s faces

Plus all of the pleasure it brings


A holly wreath hangs in our doorway

Here carols are sung just for pence

As snow slowly falls in the garden

where robins can perch on our fence


But what is the meaning of Christmas

To celebrate life and for giving

Or have we been tricked into thinking

We must make the shops a good living


Over the years things have altered

No longer just friends bringing cheer

Unless they bring bottles of spirits

And top up with gallons of beer


Each year we have tried to reverse things

To turn back the clock on this season

But when the shops stock up for Christmas

We seem to lose all sense of reason


So one final trip to the butchers

To pick up our turkey for dinner

Here ends this year’s shopkeeper’s diet

Having made all fat wallets much thinnerMerry Christmas 


Wintery Bliss


At this time of year

When snow freely falls

As Christmas approaches

We deck out the halls


Frost in the morning

With ice on the roads

Slippery times

For lorry’s with loads


Breath fogs the windows

Obscuring our view

Fingertip pictures made

Something to do


At this time of year

A wintery bliss

For all to enjoy

And that no one should miss


Why we have Carols


Crimson red berries

Dark leaf with thorn

Seen around Christmas

When Christ was first born


Mary and Joseph

With mule took a ride

Back to their birthplace

They went side by side


No room at the inn

Just a dusty old stable

Surrounded by animals

All that was able


Matter not this

For the birth of a king

It’s why we have carols

At Christmas to sing




Frosty is a snowman

He comes to call each year

Built by loving children

Their chuckles we all hear


For a nose a carrot

Two lumps of coal for eyes

An old cloth cap upon his head

Should be a bigger size


His roly poly belly

And very jolly smile

Built with loving wishes

That he might stay a while


But with the snowing over

When frosts begin to thaw

Frosty slowly melts away

And is seen by us no more


Santa Called


Over the rooftops

He lands on the slate

A sleigh full of presents

That must not be late


Tucked up in bed

The children asleep

All eyes tightly closed

A promise to keep


He slips down the chimney

With sack on his back

All bright red and white

With boots shiny black


He lays out the presents

From lists missing none

And after a mince pie

Old Santa is gone


Santas Visit


Icicles crystal clear shine in the night

Snow freshly fallen the purest of white

Overhead jingling bells can be heard

Children asleep in their beds not a word


Santa is coming with gifts for them all

Woo there now Rudolf they hear Santa call

Eyes tightly closed with the lightest of tread

Stockings get filled on the end of each bed


After delivery a mince pie with sherry

No wonder old Santa is always so merry

A sprinkle of magic dust back to the roof

Prancer and Dancer are tapping a hoof


All in one night by the light of the moon

Children across the world know he’ll come soon

When he has finished with a yo-ho-ho-ho

And a large empty sack its back home he must go


Preparing To Leave


Picture the scene it’s a cold Christmas Eve

As a sleigh fully laden gets ready to leave

A plump man in red his boots polished black

Trimmed with white fur has a sack on his back


All through the year his elves have made toys

The left side for girls and the right side for boys

Reindeers are waiting their harnesses tight

Prepared for a long distance journey this night


Millions of gifts brightly wrapped by the giver

Sorted in order prepared to deliver

Snow falling slowly, a jingling bell

His team all prepare to take off you can tell


Our plump jolly Santa with cheeks rosy red

With gifts for all children asleep in their bed

Good girls and boys are all sure to receive

So many fine gifts that old Santa will leave


So if you want gifts and you wrote your request

Santa and elves will do their very best

But you must do yours and your promises keep

To be good all year and tonight be asleep


A Merry Christmas


Shopping for good brandy butter

My homemade plum pudding would need

I don’t want a tin of rum sauce mix

It just wouldn’t do, no indeed


Last night’s Christmas Eve rush was crazy

The shop had none left on the shelf

 So I bought half a pound of best butter

To mix up with brandy myself


My mixer took brandy and butter

It churned the lot up to a paste

I drank what was left of the brandy

As I don’t like things going to waste


Everyone had a good dinner

With plenty of wine, port and sherry

But no one got fresh brandy butter

We all fell about slightly merry


Ex Christmas Dinner


On a cold winters night before Christmas

By the fire sat a farmer with dog

Dreaming of plump Christmas turkey

He’d seen in the flames of a log


Outside the snow started falling

A strong north wind started to howl

Toasting his toes by the fireside

When sheepdog decided to growl


The farmer knew this could mean trouble

So putting on boots had begun

Old Bess never growled just for nothing

And he picked up his trusty shotgun


His chickens were all going crazy

A fox had been into the shed

And eaten his plump turkey dinner

Now his dream changed to plain jam and bread


Christmas is coming


Chestnuts are roasting

The smell of mulled wine

Christmas is coming

How bright the stars shine


Frost on the pathways

And icicles form

Wind from the north

Marks an impending storm


Basting the turkey

Whole ham cooked and glazed

Mixing plum pudding

Young children amazed


Stockings by firesides

Mince pies and sherry

Family, friends gather

About to make merry


Look out the window

As snow starts to fall

All as it should be

Merry Christmas to all