Poetry General

                                  Night Dweller                    22/12/2014


I love misty mornings when no one’s around

Just before daybreak with frost on the ground

Down country lanes that’s the best place to stray

The crunch underfoot scares the rabbits away


The glow from the moon as it gently goes down

Losing a lot of its moonbeam made gown

On the horizon stand silhouette’s black

All in a line neither front neither back


I love misty mornings with a chorus at dawn

Awake through the night now I’m starting to yawn

Should I be asleep I would miss all the sights

A pleasure for most when we work through the nights


Daytime is fine but with light there’s no lustre

Animals hide and they tend not to muster

Munching the half frozen rough blades of grass

Deer become spooked by the train as we pass


I love misty mornings the night dweller friend

On their ways home as it comes to an end

A fox running home leaving tracks in the frost

A trackers delight but by morning they’re lost


The tracks that we leave on the sleepers they lay

A clickerty clack sound the tunes that they play

 With wagons uncoupled light engine to shed

Now cycling home for a daylight in bed


Went to Church


I went to my church and knelt down to pray

Thought very hard about things I should say

About all the poor and the sick those in need

Waste in the world many thousands could feed


I looked to the heavens saw Christ on the cross

Thought about death with much personal loss

All of the stained glass joined neatly with lead

Each held a message when cleverly read


I saw all the flowers so neatly displayed

An artistic hand such an effort was made

All of the potholes prayed hard for repair

The highways are riddled but the council don’t care


I prayed for good weather just one week or two

The week after next when my holidays are due

All of a sudden a voice I then heard

Where had it come from how had it occurred


I want you to know you will have to leave soon

So please conclude prayers there’s a wedding at noon

The voice I had heard was our vicar’s request

So I nodded politely and got myself blessed


I finished off praying for family and friends

A short word for me with a wish at the end

All that I asked for my last little prayer

Was six matching numbers and big lottery share


If I could Paint


If I could paint a clear blue sky

With a flock of seagulls passing by

I would paint the clouds pure white not grey

And I’d let the cloud’s edge's fade away


If I could paint a meadow so green

With bright yellow buttercups best ever seen

I would paint little lambs all woolly and white

And I’d let them be seen to the left and the right


If I could paint faces I’d make them look wise

With a nose and a mouth and with two bright blue eyes

I would give them brown hair in all different styles

And I’d always make sure they were faces with smiles


If I could paint houses with roofs of grey slate

With a garden a fence and a white painted gate

I would give each a chimney with windows and door

And if they were large ones I’d paint in some more


If I could paint pets say a dog or a cat

With some of them thinner and some of them fat

I would give the cats whiskers and dogs a black nose

And sitting them still I would paint them in pose


If I could paint anything let alone draw

With so many brushes and paint pots galore

I would draw in an outline with pencils so faint

And I’d make me a picture if I could just paint



A Good Knight


On battlements above a castle’s keep

Knights in armour clad from head to toe

Standing guard while others fast asleep

Pike in hand to ward off any foe


Through the night they stride the furrowed stone

As many knights had done in years gone by

Cold enough a chill felt to the bone

Prepared to fight with honour and to die


From the darkness came with arrows fire

Someone in the gloom means others harm

Onto thatch topped buildings looking dire

Knights are quick to act and raise alarm


Down like rain the flaming arrows fall

Fire illuminates the archer’s stance

Men to arms one hears the trumpets call

Now the targets seen they have a chance


From the battlements they fire back

Onto horseback knights mount sword and shield

Riding out to face their foes attack

In the hopes their force will make them yield


Battle won attackers all were slain

Once more all safe within the castles keep

To the battlements the knights return

To stand on guard while others safely sleep