Sentimental Poems

                                           The Wind                                 22/12/2014


The wind carries secrets it heard on the breeze

None were requested or sort with a please

Some are quite simple, a secretive price

The local store’s offer, on a two for one rice


Some are romantic ones steeling a kiss

Not wanting it known by a certain young miss

Cheating on friends by romancing her mate

Often it ends with a secretive date


Carrying secrets the wind never passes

Blown away swiftly from all of the masses

Secrets can hurt if they reach the wrong ears

Ending up badly with someone in tears


So if you have secrets its best if they’re kept

We don’t have to know where last night you had slept

The wind can be secretive secrets kept mum

 \Don’t take the chance if the wind might hear some


Done Roaming


Over lonely moor I wander lost

Darkness fell and heather made a bed

Comfort never came in cold I tossed

Haunting noises fears were truly fed


Morning came with reddish sky then blue

Early birds did breakfast with the grouse

Cold and damp from all the morning dew

How I wished for home within my house


Slowly sun broke through the cloudy fog

Landmarks for a path I could not find

Aimlessly I stumbled in a bog

Slowly sinking lost within my mind


Thankfully a tree root came to hand

I dragged myself from out the sodden mire

Standing once again on solid land

What would I give for warmth beside a fire?


Wet and lonely lost I walked away

Knowing not for where this route would end

What started as an amble yesterday?

A wish from deep within my heart I send


A ray of sunlight led me to a road

It shone upon a window far away

Leading back to mine own fixed abode

Never more to roam now here I’ll stay